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Extraordinary knives for every use.

All Koyote knives are handmade in the USA by Christof Harper.

The knives are designed to be used comfortably for hours at a time. My simple looking handle designs severely cut down on hot-spots and hand fatigue. This also allows for using a variety of different grips comfortably and safely.

My knives come with handmade leather sheaths that are formed to the individual knife and hand stitched with a two thread method. The sheath designs incorporate a minimum of stitching through the body of the sheath and often allow for multiple carry types without modifying the sheath.

We are no longer taking orders.
Knife making is an artisan craft, each knife an individual masterpiece. My work is done freehand by sight and touch. I don't use patterns or pre-cut blanks so each knife is a unique creation, but I still have "models" and can come very close to making exact duplicates. Being told exactly what to make when simply takes the joy out of creating blades. In order to continue making knives, I need the freedom to let the steel speak to me.

Instead of placing an order, ask to be added to a waiting list for the type of knife you are interested in by using our Contact form. The waiting lists are basically email lists - when I make a knife the first person on that list will be emailed with an opportunity to purchase it. If they decline, the next person on the list will be emailed and so on. There is no penalty for declining a knife, we understand not everyone is going to love every knife.


Available Knife Highlights:
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