Big Knives

I like big knives.

No, I LOVE big knives.

Everything I write about the small bladed utility knife is true, right, and seems to work well. But that hardly leaves a place for big knives. I just think larger, and especially really large, knives are special purpose tools.

Large knives tend to fall into categories- chopper/machete, kitchen/butcher, and fighter.

I make something I call simply a longknife. Fittings vary, but in general it's an 8 to 11 inch blade of fairly thin spine with a slim belly taper. The belly is too tapered for a machete or leuku type of blade, and it's not clipped like a traditional American fighter.

These are my hybrid big knives. They work very well for chopping, if you loosen the wrist and whip it. And fittings vary from no guard to full oval guards, scales to peened through tangs- they aren't designed as woodcraft knives. They are utilitarian fighters. Fighting knives I wouldn't be scared to hack oak branches with.

The design influence for these is almost purely Scandinavian. There's not a little puukko in them, and a lot of seax and leuku. There's also a touch of Japanese influence - one of the reasons they are made so light and fast is my martial arts weapons training. You don't fist grip these and just whack with every muscle tense. You let go a bit, let the knife flow out of your center, loosening the wrist and the front part of your hand.

Very fast, very nice.