This is one of my interpretations of a sharpfinger design.

Overall Length: 7 7/8 inches
Blade Length: 3 1/4 inches

Steel: 1080, full quench with a differential temper. The blade is finished to 600 grit, with a hint of forge patine left on.
Grind: High taper convex, easy to maintain with a strop.

Handle: Black acacia. Grown and harvested through the SD Zoo. Photos don't show it but black acacia tends to have a slight "tiger eye" effect when waxed and buffed out. Finish ont he wood is 800 grit, with oil and briwax soaked in, then buffed out. Pins are 1/8 in brass

Sheath: Koyote Girl made Ranger pattern. The horizontal strap retains the belt loop, so no stitching from the belt loop lies inside the sheath body. All seams are double needle hand stitched.

Price: This knife is SOLD. You can order one like it by sending us an email though our Contact page

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